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Back to worship, Trump turned himself into "ring king"

According to US media reports, as the midterm elections approach, US President Biden continued to blame the Republican Party.

In a speech on May 11, Biden gave the irony nickname "Great Maga King" to the former President Trump crown, criticizing his fiscal deficit when he reigned.

"Under my predecessor -the great Maga king -rule, the fiscal deficit increased year by year. The first year of my president, the first year, the deficit was reduced, and the first year was reduced by 350 billion US dollars."

"Maga" is the abbreviation of Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again" in 2016.

After being ridiculed by Biden, Trump immediately responded.

Trump accepted this new code, published a "connotation" poster on the social media platform "Truth Social" he created, and the picture put himself in the poster holding a horn in "Rings King".At the same time, I wrote in the poster: "The Great Maga King returns!"

According to investigations, this poster is Trump P's "Ring Rings 3: The King of Invincible (the return of the king)".The original avatar of the picture is King Aragon, the human race in the film.

According to a report on May 15th, in the first interview after Melania Trump left the White House, the former first lady hinted that he might live in the White House again.

In an interview with the Fox News Channel, Melania was asked if her husband was running again, and whether she was likely to live in the White House, she went on to say, "Never say it is impossible."

Trump and Melania.

Melania talked about the fact that "Fashion" magazine did not let her cover her cover during the White House.Last year, the magazine put the first lady Gil Biden on the cover, restoring this decades of last decades.

When talking about why fashion magazines have never followed her like other first ladies, they said, "They have prejudice, they have people and people they don't like. This is obvious."

Melania also commented on the United States under the leadership of Joe Biden. "I think many people are struggling to struggle ... Seeing this situation is very regrettable, and I hope to change quickly.


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