"Living in Xiamen" public service brand release

Haixi Morning News reporter Ye Zishen

Yesterday,hot topic the Xiamen Housing Bureau held a press conference to release the "Xiamen Lai Lai" public service brand.The public service brand can establish and form a housing affairs "one window acceptance, a platform for hotline consulting" through three aspects: window, platform, and hotline through three aspects: window, platform, and hotline.The pattern is comprehensively enhanced the experience of the masses and enterprises.

Among them, a window refers to creating a "living building" comprehensive service window.This service window breaks business boundaries and data barriers, and focuses on 74 housing business matters such as house purchase, loans, leasing, and provident fund use.Business processing model.At the same time, integrate resource elements, launch special services such as appointment office, delayed office, remote guidance, urgent work, and pre -guidance office, and focus on the "one thing of housing" to strengthen data sharing, optimize the process process, and simplify the acceptance materials.Let the masses and enterprises enjoy more convenient, standardized, and efficient housing services when handling housing -related matters in the window.

A platform refers to the creation of a "living building" comprehensive service platform.The platform opens up the computer and mobile service port, and will be collected and launching on the online housing matters that can be processed online to form a "housing security" "first -hand housing market", "second -hand housing market", "housing rental", "housing provident fund", "house safety", "" house safety "," "Credit publicity, including 7 sectors, realizes 24 housing business "online" "" hand -in -hand ".The platform is set up on the WeChat public account of the Municipal Housing Bureau "Housing Xiamen Lai Lai" section., And platforms such as the official website of the Municipal Housing Bureau, you can experience many services such as business processing, policy consulting, transaction inquiry, and reporting.

A hotline refers to the creation of "living in Xiamen" comprehensive service hotline.On the basis of the original affordable housing service hotline 968383, the Municipal Housing Bureau integrated the real estate market, housing trading leasing, housing and housing reform, affordable housing, public housing and other housing -related consulting businesses, upgraded and created the "Housing Xiamen" comprehensive service hotline, implemented port management, Integrated services, uniformly answer the channels, uniformly answer the caliber, and use a hotline to set up a "Lianxin Bridge" to serve the masses.The hotline adopts telephone answer method, has functions such as answering questions, inquiry information, evaluation services, and supervision work."It is important to solve".


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