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U.S. President Biden vowed for a few hours after his work and signed 17 administrative orders and other documents, and screened the line with his former President Trump, including letting the United States re -join the Paris Agreement.30 days after signing the documents, the United States will once again become a member of the agreement.

Return to Paris Agreement is just the first step in returning to the mainstream of climate governance in the United States, and the task is arduous.The New York Times reported on the 20th that the Trump administration has revoked and rewritten nearly 100 regulations and policies related to the environment in the past 4 years, such as canceling the Obama administration's "clean energy plan" and removing over the United States.Half of the protection policies of wetlands and environmental constraints related to the development of the fossil energy industry ...

On January 20, local time, Biden had instructed the US federal agencies to review dozens of environmental regulations during the Trump administration period, requiring to overthrow any "regulations that are harmful to public health and environmental, and lack scientific basis or do not meet national interests."Essence

For Biden, it is not easy to reverse the policy of "driving reversing" in the environment in the environment in the past few years in the past few years.Important test of climate leadership.

Biden wants to do a big job in the climatic field

In the past four years, the Trump administration's series of "de -climate" policies and the decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement have made the United States absent from the negotiating table of global climate governance.According to several non -profit organization "German Observation" in Germany, the "Climate Change Performance Index 2020" jointly released by the New Climate Institute and the International Climate Operation Network, the United States has fallen from 34th to 61 in the past 4 years.

Trump's position is very different from the "climate change suspicion". Biden took the response to climate change as one of the key points of its governance after he came to power.As a special envoy of climate issues, in 2016, Kerry signed the Paris Agreement on behalf of the granddaughter on behalf of the United States.

On April 22, 2016, New York, the United Nations headquarters, then the US Secretary of State Kerry signed the granddaughter in the Paris Agreement.(Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Yao Dawei)

"By 2035, it will achieve carbon -free power -free electricity by transitioning to renewable energy; by 2050, the United States will achieve carbon neutrality." This is a promise made by Biden in the climate field, and put forward a $ 2 trillion climate action action action.Plan for investment in key areas such as infrastructure, clean energy.According to the New York Times, the climate team of Biden will overthrow some of the most controversial environmental decisions in the last government in the early days of his term.Keystone XL).

As the American epidemic raging, economic recession, and tearing public opinion, Biden still did not hesitate to work hard and money, and planned to work in the climate field.Thomas Paul, chairman of the US Institute of Energy, told the United States: "I underestimated these people (Biden Team) attached great importance to climate change."

Yuan Zheng, deputy director of the American Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told the surging news ( that climate policy was an important heritage of the Obama administration.EssenceMoreover, a considerable number of people in the Democratic Party support climate governance policies.From an international perspective, European allies in the United States value the problem of climate change very much, and have high expectations for Biden. I hope he will act quickly, and Biden himself also values the coordination of the allies.Therefore, under multiple factors, Biden must show a positive political posture on climate issues.

Multi -party worldwide welcomes the United States' return to Paris, and has higher expectations for climate governance in the United States.The European Commission Chairman Feng Delin posted in Twitter on the 20th that "the US return to the Paris Agreement will be the starting point of our re -cooperation."

"The United States must do a lot of things to rebuild trust so that the world believes that the United States is really ready to make its own contribution." Harjeet Singh, head of the global climate of ActionAid (Actionaid), is the "Actionaid) head of the global climate.The Washington Post said.

Although the Democratic Party currently has the control of the two houses of the Congress, it is not easy to let a number of ambitious climate policies and green energy expenditures be supported by Congress.Yuan Zheng pointed out that climate issues have always been controversial in the United States, and the advancement of Congress will encounter resistance, especially Republicans are not enthusiastic about this, because energy saving and emission reduction are closely related to traditional industries such as coal and oil.This sacrifice.

"For the next action of the Bayeng government in climatic governance, with a cautious and optimistic attitude." Bo Yan, a professor at the School of International Relations and Public Affairs of Fudan University, told Peng News that Biden chose to return to the Paris Agreement.A very important signal, it shows that one of the largest greenhouse gas emissions countries today is willing to return to the global climate governance agreement, which will not only help improve the universality and effectiveness of the global climate governance mechanism, but alsoIt is a huge advancement that helps create a good political atmosphere.

On January 20, 2021, local time, Washington, USA, the new president of the United States was sworn in and signed a series of administrative orders at the White House.Surging image map

Will the United States become the leader of climate change?

The day before Biden's hire president, the US "Foreign Policy" magazine published an article on the title of "the United States must recapture the status of global leaders in the world".It is an important force to promote global reform.

As the second largest country of carbon emissions, the United States will inevitably play a pivotal role in global climate governance, but in the past 4 years, the multilateral environment is "selectively absent"."Time" magazine reported that during the absence of the United States, the European Union and China began to play the role of leaders in the climate.

"The United States plays the 'double -sided role' in global climate governance. Sometimes it is leaders, such as Obama and Clinton's ruling period; sometimes they are the roles of 'hinders', such as the Trump and the Bush government."Yan pointed out that the American climate policy lacks coherence and stability, but it has always been capable of becoming leaders in this field, which mainly depends on the country's political will.

Prior to Trump, the Republican President Bush Bush also adopted a free climate policy. In 2001, "reducing greenhouse gas emissions will affect the development of US economic development" and "developing countries should also bear emission reduction obligations".It was announced unilaterally withdrawing from the "Kyoto Protocol" and was criticized by many parties.Later, when Obama came to power, it was high -profile to respond to climate change issues in the ruling program, promoting the signing of the Paris Agreement with various countries, and said that the agreement was the "best opportunity" to save the earth.Trump has since closed the window of this opportunity, and Biden will now start again.

Today, returning to the Paris Agreement is only the first step in the United States in the field of global climate governance. The next key task also includes setting the US emission reduction target in 2030, and setting a stronger and stronger like Obama to formulate a stronger powerfulClimate change action plan.

For Biden, good news is that the support rate of American voters for climate actions is increasing.The polls released by Yale University and George Mason after the November election last year showed that over half of the respondents believed that responding to climate warming is the top priority for the new government.

Moreover, many state governments in the United States have not given up in the past 4 years, and climate response operations are still advancing.In 2017, the Government of Washington, New York, and the three states of California announced the establishment of the US Climate Alliance to achieve the goal of carbon emissions in the Paris Agreement in the Paris Agreement.As of now, 25 states and autonomous states have joined the alliance.

However, in the field of climate, the fiscal pressure followed.According to the "Global Renewable Energy Investment Trends in 2020" issued by the UN Environmental Planning Agency, in the past 10 years, the United States' investment in the field of renewable energy production and energy is less than $ 4 trillion, only half of China.Even in the next 4 years, in accordance with Biden's plan, 2 trillion yuan of funds to promote the development of the clean energy economy, there is still a gap with China.At this stage, the United States also needs to weigh between the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic and the investment in climate treatment.

Sino -US cooperation prospects in the field of climate

China has recently announced a series of climate -related measures.According to Xinhua News Agency, China announced in September last year that China's carbon dioxide emissions strive to reach its peak by 2030 and strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.At the 2020 Climate Aries held in December last year, China announced that by 2030, the domestic GDP carbon dioxide discharge will be reduced by more than 65%compared with 2005, and the proportion of non -fossil energy will reach about 25%.The forest accumulation will increase by 6 billion cubic meters compared with 2005. The total installed capacity of wind power and solar power generation will reach more than 1.2 billion kilowatts.In response, UN Secretary -General Gutres said that China played an example among members of the Group 20.

The New York Times commented that Biden had to deal with China if he wanted to lead the global climate agenda.China and the United States are the largest economies in the world. The greenhouse gas emissions of the two countries account for 40%of the global total, so correspondingly plays an important role in global climate change.

Gragel, Professor of Fle Checheng College of Tavz University in the United States, and some analysts pointed out to the New York Times that both China and the United States hope to realize the net zero emissions economy before and after the middle of this century.The convergence of interests may stimulate the healthy competition in the field of clean energy technology, thereby lowering the price of renewable energy in other parts of the world.

"If China and the United States can achieve good cooperation in the field of climate change, it will also have a very positive impact on global multilateral cooperation." Bo Yan said that during the Obama administration, the cooperation between the United States and China in the climate field reached a very high.The level is even regarded as a new growth point for Sino -US relations.Due to Trump's unilateral denial of climate change, this issue disappeared from the bilateral agenda.It is foreseeable that after Bayeng came to power, it is likely that climate change is likely to become an important issue in the mutual interdependence relationship between China and the United States.

Under the blow of the new crown epidemic, most countries have slowed climate governance operations.A report of "Climate Vulnerable FORUM" composed of 20 countries shows that as of the end of 2020, only 73 countries have submitted to the United Nations "national autonomous contribution" (NDCS) about the reduction of greenhouse gas emission reduction (NDCS) to the United Nations.57 of them set a higher emission reduction target compared to 5 years ago.

As the United States officially withdrawn from the Paris Agreement in November last year, it has not submitted the national independent contribution goal. This will also be one of the most important tasks of the climate team of the Biden government.

According to the implementation rules of the Paris Agreement, after the first time the country submits the national independent contribution goal in 2015, various countries need to be updated every 5 years, and further system design and arrangement for climate change actions.Saleemul HUQ, chairman of the expert consulting team of "Vulnerable to the Climate", told Reuters that there are very few countries that submitted their national independent contribution targets in 2020, which indicates that the Paris Agreement has not passed its first one and the most.Important test.


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