Wuhan released measures to support the construction of old housing

China Quality News Network (Lu Min) On December 21,Express information the Wuhan Housing Security and Housing Management Bureau issued the "Notice of Several Measures (Trial) of 7 departments such as the Municipal Housing Management Bureau and other measures to support old housing construction (hereinafter referred to as" Trial) ""measure").

(Source: Wuhan Housing Security and Housing Management Bureau)

The "Measures" is to implement the relevant requirements of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council's "Opinions on Strengthening the Work in the New Age" on the establishment of an elderly livable environment.Provide a safe, convenient and comfortable environment. Combined with the actual situation of Wuhan City, the Wuhan Housing Security and Housing Administration Bureau, together with the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Civil Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, the Municipal Urban and Rural Construction Bureau, the Municipal Taxation Bureau, formulatedEssence

The "Measures" mainly have 7 items, involving 3 aspects.

The first is to clarify the standard of new and old housing.According to the "Technical Guidelines for the Construction of Newly -built and Aggressive Houses and Community Construction in Wuhan", the needs of the elderly in the construction of elderly people in pension service facilities, public service facilities, public space, activity venues, green landscapes, and space construction in the sleeve.New residential communities shall be equipped with a standard for pension service houses in accordance with the standards of no less than 30 square meters per 100 houses and a single building area of not less than 300 square meters;The basic requirements of the recommendation list configuration of the community construction technical guideline.

The second is to propose aging housing incentive measures.Encourage the development of "hardcover+old -fashioned" products, and subsidize 5,000 yuan for buyers to purchase old residential products.Those who buy old houses to buy old houses within one year shall be subsidized by 1%of the value -added tax paid by the old houses on the sale of old houses.For the new supply of residential projects, on the basis of the current living standards of Wuhan City, the additional pension service houses are built and exceeded the scale of more than doubled, and the public welfare pension service houses for the project are not included in the project volume of the project volume.Rate, and transfer to the government designated departments in accordance with regulations.


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