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Today, I will share it for everyoneBiden announced that he had blackened, and Biden was the manRelated content, but let's take a look together!

On July 21st, Biden said on the related social platform that he had cancer, and many netizens said that they could not touch their heads.The White House made an urgent text clarifying, what is the fact?In related written articles, we can know that the cancer in Biden's mouth is a skin cancer that was suffered from last year.And Biden had removed skin cancer before taking office in the United States, that is, the problem has long been solved. The problem that everyone cares about is actually that it is nothing, and the silver is not prepared to meet the current actual situation.

Then everyone will be puzzled again, why should Bayeng say that?In fact, since the US President Biden took office, many careful netizens found that there was a lot of errors in his mouth. He even had no less than three times in a month.In the face of a lot of facts, we will understand that the original statement of Biden was just one case.It has nothing to do with the facts and has nothing to do with his health. You can understand what a basic fact is. The specific problems do not need to continue to delve into it.

After learning about the news of Biden's illness, he immediately launched a fierce discussion and expressed his concern for his health.There are also related doctors publish articles on related social platforms, saying that when you are not sick, do not formally face the masses and say that you are sick.The implication is to clarify to everyone that in fact, the US President Biden was not sick, and it also expressed helplessness in Biden's behavior.All signs are undoubtedly not telling everyone that Biden said that the news of his illness is indeed a false information.Orange feast

Biden can be said to have been responsible since taking office. I believe that everyone hopes that the US President Biden can be healthy, maintain a positive attitude, and continue to serve the development of the United States.At the same time, I also hope that the US President Biden will continue to get along with China in the future, maintain a friendly state, and build diplomatic relations peacefully.

After becoming the President of the United States, Biden even appeared for a period of time, and he had a "joke" in the world.President, even Dan's calling Putin into Trump. Such mistakes can be said to make people have to doubt, is Biden pretending to be stupid or really becoming more stupid?After this news has been sent, many people inside the United States have begun to doubt whether Mozi Hymo's disease has reached a very serious level. After all, Biden is very old., But in the process of talking about leaders of various countries, I do not think that Biden is really stupid. On the contrary, these behaviors of Biden want to reduce Trump’s influence in the United States after becoming the president of the United States.Not only can everyone pay more attention to this new president to a certain extent, but also allows everyone to have some other cognitions of Trump in his words, so that Trump can gradually eliminate Trump among the American population.The status and influence.Then, in addition to the connotation in this regard, another way is to make international leaders think that Biden has no actual ability, and thinks that he is a person with insufficient ability, and even makes American residents feel very very very very very very very very very very likelyWorrying, but his behavior is really just his own performance. His real ability must be very strong. After all, a person can become a president and even defeat Trump.It is obvious to all, so his actions may be to show the weakness internationally, allowing various countries to underestimate the president, hold Qi Qi and then use his various abilities to achieve the sky.Therefore, I personally think that Biden's international behavior does not prove that he is really stupid. Often, a person can do such behavior internationally to prove that he is very relaxed, his brain is very sober, and can even be said to be intentional.

Trump previously only wrote a "China" on Twitter means to shirk responsibility and try to marry the new coronary virus problem to our country;The new coronary virus is directly described as "Trump virus".

This approach of US President Trump is obviously shirk responsibility

It is worth noting that after the US President Trump himself infected with the virus, he did not shirk responsibility to others.Earlier, the US House of Representatives passed a resolution to prohibit the stigmatization of the new coronary virus epidemic; if Trump really shirk the new coronary virus problem to our country, then it proves that he is successful.There is no way to challenge Trump, so the Democrats are still practical about this problem. They believe that the new coronary virus epidemic is passed from Europe to the United States to the United States.serious.

Recently, American Senator Kelly Lovller actually said, "Remember, China transmits viruses to our president and first lady, and we must let them take responsibility." This may be a signal released by the Republican Party, so thatTry public opinion.However, this statement was widely attacked by the US media, thinking that Lovler's remarks had political intentions.The American Cable Television News Network bluntly stated that if this matter is related to China, how exactly President Trump is infected with new coronary virus?

US President Trump himself infected with the virus because he was negligible to prevent prevention

Finally, after investigation, it was found that the new coronary virus was infected when Trump nominated the judge. This time, a super communication incident may be produced. Most of the media agreed that Trump was negligible to prevent the virus beforeAgree with this Republican lawmaker, China has transmitted the virus to Trump's false words, so it did not respond in the United States.In view of this, Trump did not play the problem, and let his daughter and son -in -law wear a mask; I have to say that the United States can't forget to shirk responsibility.

But the problem is not that every time he shirk the responsibility to buy it, so this time Trump is smart.The Republican Party wants to test the social response with a unimportant member of the law. If the general public agrees with this view, Trump will be difficult; but the problem is that most people do not agree with this view.

Now if Trump shirk his responsibility again, it seems difficult to say, because all people in the international and domestic people oppose him, such as the World Health Organization internationally that the new coronary virus comes from nature.The officer Tan Desai is convinced of this.So even if Trump threatened to withdraw from the World Health Organization, it would not help.

In China, Trump was accused by the Democratic Party because he did not even wear a mask at the beginning, and the nuclear laugh group also described the new coronary virus as a flu. More importantlyAt the beginning of the outbreak of the epidemic, Trump already knew the harmfulness of the new coronary virus epidemic, and knew that this kind of harm was 5 times stronger than the cold, but even so, he was still diluting the epidemic.

US President Trump is actually the loser against the new coronary virus epidemic

Because Trump did not get any response in China and internationally, he did not shirk his responsibility again. Instead, he played the image of a hero, that is, after he was infected with the virus, he defeated the virus within a week of ascension.The story creates a myth, both Trump's daughter and son are shaping Trump to cause a hero.

In fact, Trump is just a member of more than 7 million confirmed cases, and 210,000 people have died. Under such circumstances, Trump can not become a hero because he is not responsible for the people of the United States.In the end, it was also infected by the virus.

Before Trump called this outbreak a war, now he is just a wounded at best, and his war has failed. Previously, Trump announced that he was the president of war. Now this war, he let the United States die 21 21Thousands of people have to say that Trump is a failed commander.

As the former Vice President of the United States said, the US President Trump has now waved the Baiqi and left the battlefield. What's worse is that he has been injured.A few days ago, Biden had announced that he might become the president of each American. Because Trump argued with Biden, he might have been infected with the virus, but because Biden had taken precautionary measures, it was not infected.

After Trump was infected with the virus, many people sweated for Biden, but the actual situation proved that Biden was an excellent commander who could protect themselves on the battlefield and could win victory; while US President TrumpIf you can't protect yourself, you can't save other Americans.


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