Yuanda Labor: Anchor housing construction High -quality sustainable direction to build a new era "good house" in the new era

At the beginning of this breaking newsyear, the National Housing and Urban -Rural Development Conference on the National Housing and Urban -Rural Development was proposed that we must make the people with the goal of making better houses, from good houses to good communities, from good communities to good communities, from good communities to good urban areas, and then citiesPlanning, construction, and governance.

The field of housing is an important area related to the people's good life. "Living in a good house" has become a new longing for the people for a better life.Good houses should be green, low -carbon, intelligent, and safe, so that the masses live healthy, convenient, and low cost.How to build a "good house" has become a time issue for the current high -quality development of the construction industry, and it is also a major proposition that industry enterprises who are engaged in the construction field need to answer together.

Changsha Yuanda Residential Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yuanda Housing Workers") has firmly grasped the base point that allows the people to "live" in the past 30 years, based on improving people's livelihood, expanding domestic demand, and continuously exerting production capacityThe multiple advantages accumulated with technology, in -depth implementation of the concept of "good houses", adhere to the leadership of green and low -carbon, to achieve quality, cost reduction, and efficiency, and promote the construction of housing construction and transformation and upgrading.

Speed up "wisdom" to "build a house like a car" with "wisdom".

Since the first generation of prefabricated buildings in 1998, Yuanda Housing workers have always been committed to researching and developing green low -carbon building technology, focusing on promoting the development and application of new technologies, new processes, and new models.Full -assembly integrated buildings (multi -storey houses, talent apartments, college dormitories, green farm houses), module buildings, etc., including multiple product systems and services, provide industrialized, standardized, and intelligent green construction, truly realize building productization, and truly realize building productization.Carbon reduction and energy saving and environmental protection.

According to the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" construction industry development plan and "double carbon" strategic requirements, prefabricated buildings have become an important way to build a "good house" in a new era.In recent years, Yuanda Housing has continued to promote digital construction. On the basis of the original self-developed PC-CPS intelligent manufacturing system, the construction of the construction site will be extended, the EPC-CPS intelligent construction model is added, and it is upgraded to the CPS+intelligent management platform.As the core center of the data, the production management model is extended to the construction site by the CYBER model of the entire process of delivery to the entire process of the project, and the establishment of a unified product CYBER model, extending the production management model to the construction site, the construction site into a total assembly workshop, turning construction management into production management, realizing the entire project to achieve the entire projectThe construction of the cycle is determined to make the uncertain construction implementation process, and achieve lean construction by industrialization, digitalization, and standardization, so as to achieve the quality, cost, control over time, and efficient integrated delivery of building products.

This year, Yuanda Labor Workers have obtained the innovative achievements of the parallel of intelligent manufacturing (PC-CPS) and intelligent construction (EPC-CPS).It has basically completed the development of EPC-CPS 1.0, and successfully completed the practice delivery of more than 10 digital EPC projects.Among them, the repurchase project Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine's Oriental College North Campus Student Apartment has a digital EPC (design-procurement-construction general contract) project, and completed the total construction area of 43821.04 square meters of student apartments in 72 days.

"We adhere to the overall solution to meet the upgrading of multi -level residence demand upgrades with high industrial production, digital manufacturing of the whole process, and millimeter accuracy, and lead the efficiency and quality improvement of the construction industry." The relevant person in charge said.

Focus on practical application scenarios to insist on "two legs" walk

Yuanda Housing has always adhered to the "two legs" walking. While providing a prefabricated building overall solution for more than 300 developer customers, it focuses on solving the problems of rented houses and housing demand upgrades for new citizens, young people, and actively promoting protection.Sex housing construction has reached a certain scale in the construction of national urban reform projects.

"Yuanda Labor workers constantly refresh the quality and timeliness of prefabricated buildings, focus on industrial parks, and take into account the" soft demand "of new citizens and young people's rigid housing, helping 'live in living"The overall solution of the sexual talent apartment allows talents to recruit, keep it, and use well, and effectively enhance the attachment of urban talents. "The relevant person in charge said.

At the same time, focusing on the expansion of college student dormitories, through the accumulation and achievements of the industrialization of construction construction for many years, the large -scale residential workers have developed all assembly and integrated building products for the application scenarios of college dormitories, providing important infrastructure for universities' operations and educational and teaching activities to ensure that the majorityThe vital interests of school students help the quality and efficiency of talent training, help the construction of green low -carbon high -quality campuses, and provide a rapid landing solution.

Relevant person in charge said that it will practice sustainable value creation. Through the "material innovation+digital" technological breakthrough, it will provide a new material module building with "light quality, high -quality, environmentally friendly, energy -saving, comfortable and livable" for the constructionProducts provide effective support for overall safety and development.

Create a full assembly green farm house for the construction of agricultural houses

From serving cities to the construction of rural areas, Yuanda Housing Workers have successfully launched a number of green low -carbon industrialized building products that adapt to the application of various scenarios in urban and rural needs, actively improved the construction of green agricultural houses, and independently developed full assembly rural self -built residential products -—The Yuan Da Miya, targeted solving core issues such as scattered and extensive construction of farm houses, lack of regulatory supervision, and damage ecology, and transform complex and diverse farm houses into simple, standardized, industrialized, and replicable building products.Complete, 2 months of hardcover delivery, 50 years of main warranty, large -scale delivery.

In the era of urban real estate "high singing", Yuan Dasheng worked at the development of China's rural construction. In 2002, the first generation of rural residential products was launched; in 2015, the far -sized houses based on the sixth generation of prefabricated technology of the far -bearing worker were completed to complete the full matching matching matching.Enterprise 1: 1 physical seismic experiment.In the process of promoting the "self -" construction of houses in rural areas to "quality", far -reaching workers have continuously established and improved the practical results of the rural quality residential system., 163 towns and villages.At the same time, actively promoted the establishment of a group of "green farm houses" models, played a leading role in demonstration, and completed a number of large -scale delivery of green farm house projects.

With the introduction of national, provincial and municipal policies, guidance, policy support, and the improvement of the living standards of ordinary people, and the development of new construction technology, far -sized residents have launched high -quality green farmhouse products that everyone can build this year, so as to be more universal to be more universalHui's price strides into the countryside.

In the future, the large -scale residents will profoundly practice the road of green and sustainable development to lead urban and rural updates. In the process of promoting the development and construction of new construction industrialization and construction of the "Good House" process in the new era, it will show new responsibilities and new actions.Services to meet the people's high yearning for high -quality housing and a better life.


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