Wall Street's short warning said that Tesla's stock price will fall 65% of Musk back

  [CNMO News] In 2023, Tesla's stock price showed a strong growth trend, and the cumulative increase in the year was nearly 130%. This achievement undoubtedly made it the leader in the global automotive market.However, just when people were still cheering for Tesla's glorious results, the big shorts of Wall Street launched a violent attack on Tesla.

  Craig Owen, an analyst at Roth Capital, who has long seen Tesla, has a pessimistic attitude towards Tesla's prospects.The target stock price he set for Tesla is only $ 85/share, which means that the potential decline of the stock may exceed 65%.This view is undoubtedly putting pressure on Tesla's stock price.

  For Owen's point of view, Tesla CEO Musk made a strong counterattack.He resolutely believes that Owen ignores Tesla's huge potential in the field of artificial intelligence and autonomous driving.In a recent interview, when the host shared Owen's point of view, Musk responded: "He is wrong. We are an AI/Robotic company."

  Musk's response is not empty.In fact, Tesla's research and development of artificial intelligence and autonomous driving technology has made significant progress.Tesla's Autopilot system has been widely used globally, and its FSD (fully autonomous driving) system is gradually being improved.These all prove that Tesla's strength and potential in the field of artificial intelligence and autonomous driving.


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