There is a mysterious risk warning announcement in Jufeng Investment Prevention Non-publicity Month

In the stock market,breaking news investors often buy stocks based on the major positive announcements disclosed by listed companies. In order to induce small and medium-sized investors to buy shares of the company, some institutions usually interpret the negative announcements such as risk warnings disclosed by the company at the same time as "banker washing the dishes" and "all the negative ones are exhausted", and investors often ignore the negative announcements of the company selectively based on "ostrich psychology", resulting in heavy losses.

In the second half of 2016, Xiaoming saw someone posting in the online forum, claiming that J company is a high-quality target integrating new energy, robots and high-end intelligent manufacturing. Xiao Ming noticed that the company did announce the establishment of M&A funds for new energy and robot-related industries, but he also saw that the company would disclose a risk warning announcement for suspension of listing every other month. Xiao Ming didn't quite understand the contents of the announcement, so he asked Da V Xiaogang on the forum. Xiao Gang replied to Xiao Ming that stocks should see the contents behind the announcement. J Company must have planned for a long time to invest in the new energy and robot sectors, and has invested a lot of money. The reason why it is conservative in the announcement is to prevent investors from noticing the banker's intentions and holding chips in advance; As for the risk warning of suspension of listing, it is a means for the company to cooperate with relevant institutions in order to suppress a large number of retail investors in order to attract funds. The more companies disclose risk warnings, the more retail investors should hold their chips tightly. After hearing this remark, Xiao Ming felt very reasonable. When the share price of J company fell sharply, he still insisted on holding the shares of J company.

At the beginning of 2017, Xiao Ming saw that Company J disclosed the announcement of receiving the advance notice of administrative punishment. The company was fined for violating securities laws and regulations. At that time, Dong Jiangao of the company was punished by market ban and fines, and the company's share price fell sharply. Xiao Ming was in a hurry, and contacted Xiao Gang quickly, only to find that Xiao Gang had not logged on the forum for a month. Under this circumstance, Xiao Ming chose to continue holding shares and wait and see. Xiao Ming believed that listed companies involved in financial fraud, and he had the right to claim compensation from the company as an investor. A few months later, the company received the decision of administrative punishment, and the voice of investors demanding compensation kept on. Xiaoming also consulted the specific process of lawyer's claim, only to find that the investors who bought the company's shares again after the company disclosed the warning announcement of suspension of listing risk were not within the company's compensation scope. Xiao Ming not only failed to catch up with hot topics, but lost part of his principal because of the company's stock price fluctuation.

Article 11.11.3 of the Listing Rules of Growth Enterprise Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange stipulates that if a listed company is investigated by the competent authority for violating laws and regulations, or is subject to major administrative or criminal penalties, and is investigated by China Securities Regulatory Commission for fraudulent issuance or major information disclosure violations, the company shall disclose a risk warning announcement once a month to explain the progress of the investigation and the risk that the listing of the company's shares may be suspended. The Provisions of the Supreme People's Court on the Trial of Civil Compensation Cases Caused by False Statements (Fa Shi [2003] No.2) also stipulates the corresponding conditions for investors to obtain compensation.

Therefore, when buying stocks, investors should carefully consult the company's disclosure announcements, pay close attention to high-risk announcement categories such as "suspension of listing risk warning announcement", and make investment decisions based on their own risk tolerance and reasonable judgment on the company's stock price. For the questions that need to be consulted, you should consult the institutions and personnel with securities business qualifications, and avoid blindly listening to the information obtained through forums, Weibo and other channels to avoid being deceived.

(Source: China Securities Regulatory Commission)


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