The three major A-share indexes fluctuated and closed down, and the automobile industry chain significantly adjusted back.

TheCurrent Affairs three major stock indexes of A shares collectively opened slightly lower on November 29th. In early trading, the two cities fluctuated weakly, and stocks fell before noon. In the afternoon, the two cities went out of the downward trend of shock, and the decline also expanded. Beizheng 50 fell 7.32%.

From the perspective of the disk, the automobile industry chain has significantly adjusted back, and both Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited and BYD have hit a new low; Declining in the direction of the cycle, finance, real estate and consumption all fell; The concept of prefabricated vegetables strengthened in the afternoon, coal and gold were made against the trend, and the concept of liquid cooling and quick charging and memory chip was active.

By the close of November 29th, the Shanghai Composite Index had fallen 0.56% to 3021.69 points. The Science and Technology 50 Index fell 1.13% to 862.04 points; Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.91% to 9744.39 points; Growth enterprise market index fell 1.06% to 1917.9 points.

Wind statistics show that 1,221 stocks in the two cities and the North Stock Exchange rose, 3,941 stocks fell, and 144 stocks were flat.

The turnover of the two cities was 775 billion yuan; A total of 42 stocks in the two cities and the North Stock Exchange rose by more than 9%, and 156 stocks fell by more than 9%.


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