Xiamen City launched the "Housing Xiamen Lai" public service brand to realize 74 housing business in one window

  Yesterday,exclusive information the Municipal Housing Bureau held a press conference to launch the "Housing Xiamen" public service brand.

  It is reported that the Municipal Housing Bureau establishes and forms a new pattern of "one window acceptance, a platform to open, and a hotline consultation" from the three aspects of window, platform, and hotline.

  A window

  Establish a comprehensive service window around the "one thing of housing"

  Earlier this year, the Municipal Housing Bureau started to create a "housing thing" comprehensive service window, breaking business boundaries and data barriers, and concentrated and regular, optimized integration, and formed "The business processing model of the front desk for acceptance, background classification approval, and unified window ".

  At the same time, the Municipal Housing Bureau focuses on strengthening data sharing, optimizing the process process, and simplifying the acceptance materials around the "housing".Through integrating the factors of resource elements, special services such as the appointment office, the delayed office, the remote guidance office, the urgent work, and the pre -guidance office are launched.

  For example, citizens will issue policy housing certificates and do not enjoy affordable housing certificates. In the past, they needed to run at both ends of building buildings and government service centers.After setting up the "Housing Xiamen Lai" comprehensive service window this time, citizens can get numbers at one time in the window, and one window can handle multiple matters to effectively save time and improve the convenience of service.

  A platform

  25 housing business easily "do online" and "hand in hand"

  The "Housing Xialai" comprehensive service platform opens up the computer and mobile service ports. Housing matters that can be handled online will be collected and launched to form "housing security", "first -hand housing market", "second -hand housing market", "housing leasing", "housing provident fund"House Safety" and "Credit Publicity", including 7 sectors, have achieved 25 housing business "online office" and "hand -in -hand office".

  The platform is set up on the WeChat public account of the Municipal Housing Bureau "Housing Xiamen Lai" section, which is essentially a comprehensive service window for the online "housing".Citizens only need to pay attention to the WeChat public account of the Municipal Housing Bureau, or log in to platforms such as the "I Xiamen" APP and the official website of the Municipal Housing Bureau, and they can experience many service functions such as business processing, policy consulting, affairs inquiry, and reporting.

  A hotline

  Concentrate on accepting difficulties in the masses of enterprises

  On the basis of the original affordable housing service hotline 968383, the Municipal Housing Bureau integrated the real estate market, housing transaction leasing, housing and housing reform, affordable housing, public housing and other housing -related consulting businesses, upgraded and created the "Housing Xiamen" comprehensive service hotline, and implemented port management, Integrated service.

  The hotline adopts telephone answer method, has functions such as answering questions, inquiry information, evaluation services, and supervision work."It is important to solve it."


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