The "hurricane mode" of the "cooling" of the shares of the North Stock Exchange since late October has met with "braking"

Strengthen trading supervision,一线资讯 and the stock of the North Stock Exchange "cools down"

Since the end of October, the "hurricane mode" has greeted the "brake" reminder: pay attention to the risk of short-term rapid rise, and don't blindly chase after the high.

Huasheng Online reported on November 28 that the recent "soaring" market of the North Stock Exchange ushered in a "brake" today. The North Stock Exchange 50 Index fell 4.23%, and over 80% of the shares of the North Stock Exchange fell.

Over 80% of stocks fell.

In early trading today, the Beizheng 50 Index opened 4.98% lower, turned red briefly in the afternoon, but then continued to fall, closing at 1055.21 points, down 4.23%, and the trend was like a roller coaster.

Specifically, of the 232 stocks of the North Exchange, only 40 rose, 1 was flat and 189 fell, accounting for more than 80% of the stocks falling, of which 49 stocks fell by more than 10%.

The reporter noted that since the end of October this year, in the case of the downturn in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, the market of the North Stock Exchange has shined brilliantly, continuously attracting the attention of market participants, and in November, it started the "arrogant" mode. The Beizheng 50 Index rose 4.51% on November 21st, 8.43% on the 22nd, 6.5% on the 24th and 11.41% on the 27th. Since the bottom of the Beizheng 50 Index on October 23, as of November 27, the cumulative increase of the Beizheng 50 Index has exceeded 55% in just over 30 days, during which a large number of stocks have daily limit.

The market generally believes that the cooling of the North Exchange market is related to the intervention of supervision.

On November 27th, the North Stock Exchange issued a notice to strengthen trading supervision, saying that from November 20th to November 24th, the Exchange took 93 self-regulatory measures such as verbal warning, regulatory attention, issuing warning letters, etc. against abnormal trading behaviors, such as pulling up and suppressing intraday trading, making large declarations at daily limit prices or making continuous declarations. Focus on monitoring "Kaihua Materials", "Zhisheng Information" and "Huayang Variable Speed" with abnormal recent increases, and urge members to strengthen the management of customers' trading behavior and prompt investors about trading risks in time. The North Exchange will continue to strengthen trading supervision and maintain the normal trading order in the market.

After being monitored by the North Stock Exchange, Kaihua Materials and Zhisheng Information announced that they would suspend trading for verification on the 28th, and Huayang Shifting also announced that investors were at risk of speculation.

Beware of blindly chasing high risks

The market of the North Stock Exchange continued to improve, and a number of shareholders took the opportunity to cash out. On the evening of November 27th, Zhisheng Information, which increased by more than 260% during the month, announced its reduction. According to statistics, only in the past week, Lu Si Stock Exchange, Runnong Water Saving, Fujita, Kaide Shi Ying, Guoyi Bidding, Fengguang Precision and many other companies have announced the progress of shareholder reduction.

Regarding the follow-up trend, orient securities Song Zhenghao said that the recent transaction volume of Beizheng has increased by more than ten times, and the short-term probability is facing differentiation.

According to Huang Jian, an investment consultant of BOC Securities, the Beizheng 50 Index has become a gold pool since this month, which is caused by the "money-making effect" of active funds chasing the market. However, after any market index rises rapidly, from a technical point of view, the overbought index needs to be repaired, and it is not appropriate to chase after it in the short term.

Many brokers also reminded that although they are optimistic about the long-term development prospects of the North Exchange, investors should pay attention to the risk of short-term rapid rise and avoid losses caused by blind pursuit of high.


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