Xiamen's newly promoted "Housing Xiamen Lai" service brand, one -stop solution to housing affairs


[Xiamen newly promoted "Living Xiamen Lai" service brand,hot topic one -stop solutions to housing affairs] Xiamen launched the "Housing Xiamen Lai" public service brand, which aims to provide citizens with one -window service, online platform and professional hotline to provide citizens, to provide citizens to purchase houses,The convenient operation of 74 housing -related businesses such as loans and leasing.Citizens can enjoy special services such as appointment handling and remote guidance, which greatly improves the efficiency and experience.


In Xiamen, it is more convenient to solve the problem of housing.The newly launched "Housing Xiamen Lai" public service brand is a new measure issued by the Municipal Housing Bureau to provide citizens with more efficient and convenient housing services.By setting up a comprehensive service window, "Living in Xiamen" integrates housing business such as house purchase, loans, leasing, provident fund use and other housing business, and implemented one -stop processing, which effectively opens up the barriers between various businesses in the past.

In addition, "Shouxia Lai" also launched an online service platform. Citizens can easily complete 25 housing business processing by paying attention to WeChat public account, using the "i Xiamen" APP or visiting the official website.These businesses cover housing security, house trading, leasing and other aspects, which greatly saves citizens' time and energy.When citizens encounter doubts or difficulties in housing affairs, the professional service hotline of "Housing Xia Lai" will provide real -time consultation and help to ensure that citizens must answer questions, and they must be difficult to solve.


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