Carry out the second batch of theme education, improve the ability in deep learning

  At present, the second batch of theme education of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping is being promoted in an orderly manner.Carrying out the second batch of theme education, the overall requirements are consistent with the first batch, and "learning ideas" should be used as the primary task.Promoting theme education has achieved real results, and requires the majority of party members and cadres to work hard to realize the laws, bright directions, learning methods, and wisdom from Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics.The party -based leadership and the ability of a strong country to learn to ensure that they can achieve practical results in learning souls, learning to increase their wisdom, learn righteousness, and promote work with learning.

  Become a politician.To carry out the second batch of theme education, we must fully learn from the successful experience of the first batch of theme education, and pay more attention to theoretically sobrobium and firmly ensuring political sobries and firmness, continuously improving political capabilities, and always becoming politically understanding people.General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Among the various capabilities required for cadres, the political ability is the first." A party member has a strong political ability to achieve "not afraid of floating clouds to cover the eyes" "The chaos is still calm. "Become a politician who understands people, and we must count in the hearts of the country of the country.The party's leadership and the socialist system of our country are unswervingly. All things that are not conducive to adhering to the party's leadership and our socialist system are resolutely not done.Improve political capabilities and become politically understanding people. We must be good at analyzing and solving problems politically.Only by analyzing problems in politics can we see the essence clearly, and only by solving political problems can we seize the fundamental.We must practice a pair of political wisdom, be good at grasping the regularity of things from complicated issues, find the trend of things from the issue of signs, and understand the inevitability of things from accidental problems.

  Be a good job at home.Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the first batch of theme education has achieved significant results, making the process of carrying out theme education into a process of transformation of theoretical learning to practice, and becoming the ability to improve their duties and enhance responsibility for their duties and cadres.process.Promoting the second batch of theme education has achieved real results. It is also necessary to guide party members and cadres to improve their thinking ability and improve their ability to perform their duties.It is necessary to convert Xi Jinping's world view, methodology, and position viewing and methods throughout it into its own scientific ideological methods, as a "total key" for research and problem solving.Use this important thinking to optimize ideological methods and solve the confusion of thought, so that your way of thinking can better meet the needs of career development, and let the "total key" play a "general command" role in their own minds.Becoming a good job at home, we must also be good at grasping the overall trend and direction of things, good at grasping the key, finding the key points, insight into the development of things, good at forward -looking thinking, overall planning, time -consuming, adapt to time, knowing difficulties, difficulty in knowing difficultiesAnd advance, pioneering innovation.

  Become a hard -working family in the new era.The purpose of learning lies in use.The theory must be transformed into abilities.Theme education adheres to the overall integration of learning, investigating the opening of the road, and the start of the work, so that the essence of the party members and cadres to start a business has been effectively stimulated, forming a strong atmosphere of real work.Become a hard -working family in the new era, we must adhere to the actual situation of theory, comprehensively grasp the practical requirements of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics, and adhere to the combination of knowledge and action, the actual actors who do it, and do it.Struggers, enhance the scientific, foresight, and initiative of work, and avoid being trapped in the predicament of lack of knowledge and fascination, ignorance, blindness, ignorance and chaos.In the new era and new journey, there are still many major topics that adhere to and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics to explore practical exploration. There are many new fields that need to be continuously pioneered and innovated, and party members and cadres are required to continue to solve new skills in practice.Party members and cadres must adhere to the mountains and the waterfront bridges, seek truth in practice, find laws in exploration, and constantly form new experiences, deepen new understanding.It is necessary to anchor the target tasks of comprehensively building a socialist modern power country, strengthen the ability to promote high -quality development, serve the masses, prevent and resolve risk skills in practical exercise, strengthen the development of the spirit of struggle and struggle in major struggles.Efforts are made to enhance the ability to prevent risks, welcomes challenges, and resist suppression, and fill in the knowledge gap in knowledge in time in professional training, supplement quality shortcomings, and weak capabilities.


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