The new GEM 200ETF rich countries launched today on the main index products of mid-cap stocks on the GEM.

(Original title: The热议资讯 new GEM 200ETF rich countries launched today on the main index products of mid-cap stocks on the GEM)

Since the beginning of this year, the market has fluctuated and adjusted, but the popularity of ETFs has soared. The number and scale of ETF products have continued to increase, and the total scale has exceeded 1.9 trillion yuan. With the increasing recognition of ETF, the innovation of ETF products has increased, providing investors with more abundant investment options. Recently, the launch and issuance of the GEM Mid-Cap 200 Index and its indexed products provide new tools for investors to dig for the main mid-cap stocks on the GEM. It is understood that Fuguo Fund is one of the first managers, and its GEM 200ETF Fuguo (subscription code: 159571) was officially issued on December 4. The product is planned to be led by Jin Zeyu, a new quantitative fund manager of Fuguo Fund, to help investors enjoy the opportunity of high growth in the GEM.

Growth enterprise market investment value highlights

Received a large inflow of ETF funds.

In recent years, China's policies have strongly supported scientific and technological innovation and the development of emerging industries, and the Growth Enterprise Market has risen rapidly. Since the GEM was opened in 2009, the characteristics of "excellent innovation and high growth" have been outstanding, and the positioning of "innovation, creation and creativity" has accelerated the formation of a strategic emerging industry development highland.

At present, there are more than 1,300 companies listed on GEM, with a total market value exceeding 11.46 trillion, covering many emerging industries such as new energy, biotechnology, information technology, high-end manufacturing, etc., and a large number of enterprises with high growth have gathered to become strategic emerging industries in China, and the investment value of GEM has attracted much attention. Since the beginning of this year, GEM has received a large inflow of ETF funds. Wind data shows that as of November 27th, the total scale of ETFs tracking the sub-indices of GEM exceeded 140 billion yuan, with an increase of over 58% during the year.

The first GEM mid-cap index was released.

Entrepreneurship 200 has four advantages.

GEM is a gathering place for emerging industrial enterprises. Listed companies show good profitability and growth, but there are great differences in market value, valuation, profitability and R&D level of individual stocks. It is difficult for ordinary investors to invest in GEM stocks. Moreover, GEM stocks have a high participation threshold. Under this background, it is a more efficient and convenient choice to invest in GEM by using ETF products related to GEM. In November, the first broad-based index of mid-cap stocks on the Growth Enterprise Market, the GEM Mid-Cap 200 Index (index abbreviation: Venture 200, index code: 399019), was officially launched, which not only filled the vacancy of mid-cap stocks on the Growth Enterprise Market, but also enriched the investment targets of investors in the GEM.

It is reported that the GEM Mid-Cap 200 Index mainly covers small and medium-sized stocks on the GEM, and the constituent stocks are selected from the stocks with good liquidity on the GEM. After excluding the sample stocks of the GEM and the top 70 stocks with total market value, the top 200 stocks with market value are selected. On the whole, the GEM Mid-Cap 200 Index has the advantages of obvious market value style of small and medium-sized stocks, great short-term performance flexibility and rich long-term returns, outstanding scientific and technological attributes and wide industry distribution.

First, from the perspective of style, this is the first broad-based index of mid-cap stocks on the GEM. Previously, the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) had large-cap indexes including GEM Index, GEM 50, and Entrepreneurial Market. In addition, it also included style indexes such as creating growth and creating blue chips. However, there were still vacancies in the related indexes of small and medium-sized stocks with solid science and technology chassis and greater room for growth. Specifically, the GEM Mid-Cap 200 Index launched this time accounts for 91.5% of the total market value of constituent stocks in the range of 5-20 billion.

Second, the performance is flexible and the long-term performance is excellent. In terms of performance, Wind data shows that as of November 27th, the mid-cap 200 index of GEM has risen 9% against the trend this year, while the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index has fallen 9% in the same period. In the long run, since the base date of June 29th, 2012, the GEM Mid-Cap 200 Index has achieved a total return of 230.70%, which is superior to other mainstream broad-based indices.

Third, the nature of science and technology is outstanding, focusing more on the growth opportunities of emerging industries. According to Wind data, among the constituent stocks of the GEM Mid-Cap 200 Index, there are 100 strategic emerging industry enterprises, accounting for 50%; There are 72 "little giant" enterprises specializing in innovation, and strategic emerging industries gather. From the perspective of industry weight distribution, TMT, represented by computer, electronics, communication and media, accounts for 49.44% of the industry distribution of the GEM mid-cap 200 index, while the GEM TMT accounts for only 20.94% in the same period, and the GEM mid-cap 200 index accounts for a higher weight.

Fourth, the industry is more widely distributed and the risk is relatively low. The GEM Mid-Cap 200 Index involves 25 Shenwan-level industries, with the top 10 constituent stocks accounting for 13% and the top 20 constituent stocks accounting for 23%. On the whole, the distribution of index industry is relatively balanced and scattered, which is less affected by the prosperity of a single industry and has strong anti-risk ability.

Based on the present situation, the investment in mid-cap stocks in GEM has ushered in a better time. Historical law shows that there is a negative correlation between the yield of US bonds and the valuation of GEM. When the yield of US bonds goes down, the valuation of GEM will rise obviously. At present, the expectation that the Federal Reserve will continuously cut interest rates sharply in 2024 is increasing. Therefore, the layout of the GEM 200ETF rich countries (subscription code 159571) is expected to help investors grasp the high-flexibility and high-growth investment opportunities of the GEM mid-cap stocks.


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