"Solve one problem" to "solve a type of problem", Hongkou promotes the renewal process of the renovation of the old housing

The "12345" citizen service hotline is a bridge and link between the party and the government and the masses.Since the beginning of this year, the Standing Committee of the Hongkou District People's Congress and the district government and the district disciplinary committee have exerted their efforts. Based on the summary and analysis of the "12345" citizen service hotline reflects the centralized issue, focus on the "community in the community with a small incision, high attention, and the citizens.Management "beautiful homeland" and "market order" three key areas to carry out supervision, select typical in -depth analysis of typical cases, effectively promote the establishment of the system, standard formation, process reconstruction, and long -term mechanism.Promote a type of problem solving with a point with a point.

The reporter learned from the "Repair Work Promotion Conference of the Old Housing Repair Process of Hongkou District" held on December 19 that after a period of practice, the renewal of the renovation process of the old housing in Hongkou District has been effective.The construction area is rising and the number of complaints is gradually decreasing. "Zhu Qinhao, director of the Standing Committee of the District People's Congress, Lin Weibin, deputy director of the Municipal Housing Management Bureau, and Guan Yitong, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and Deputy District Chief, attended the meeting.Xie Hailong, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the District People's Congress, chaired the meeting.

"Originally, the parking shed in our community could only stop dozens of non -motorized vehicles. After the" Beautiful Homeland "transformation, we can now stop about 200 non -motorized vehicles. During the reconstruction process, we also fully solicit the opinions and suggestions of residents.Battery car charging equipment was installed in the shed ... "Before the meeting,Zhu Qinhao and Lin Weibin came to the East Fifth Community of Quyang Road Street to check and listen to the transformation of the "Beautiful Homeland" in the community.

In the process, Zhu Qinhao and his party also talked with community volunteers, representatives of the industry committee and representatives of residents to listen to the people's feelings and suggestions on the construction of the "beautiful home".

▲ Community volunteer representative introduces the reconstruction of sewage pipelines in the community on the spot.

It is understood that in recent years, Hongkou District has vigorously promoted people's livelihood projects such as the transformation of "Beautiful Homeland". The appearance and residential living conditions of the urban area have been greatly improved, and they have also received widespread attention from residents.What these attention is reflected is to strengthen thinking and research in the institutional mechanisms, concepts, methods, and measures of the repairs of old housing.

To this end, the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Hongkou District is close to the needs of residents, adheres to the same questions and answers, and continues to analyze the common problems of the "12345" citizen service hotline for old housing renovation.In the process of people's democracy, fully listen to the opinions and suggestions of the people's congress, and residents, promote the government to start from optimizing the overall process of the old housing repair, improve the implementation of the project "menu", improve the level of refined management of the project, and minimize the impact of construction on residents., Study and formulate work standards, dedicated to forming a closed -loop solution of similar problems, and realizing the transformation from "solving one problem" to "solving one type of problem".

▲ The person in charge of the District Housing Management Bureau introduced the reconstruction of the renovation process of the old housing.

In the process, the District Housing Management Bureau, as the main body and lead department of the renovation of old housing, went deep into the residential area and construction site. While extensively soliciting residents' opinions and suggestions, actively found problems, analyze the causes, research countermeasures, and formulated the "Hongkoukou"Management Measures for Repairing the Repair in the District of the District, further improve the list of the entire factor renovation of the old housing, optimize the workflow, strengthen the full -cycle management, and make the repairs of old housing more fine and higher.

Quyang Road Street has accumulated a lot of practical experience in promoting the renewal of the old housing repair process.At the meeting, the person in charge of the street introduced how the streets proceeded from the actual needs of the residents from multiple perspectives, promoted the construction of "beautiful homes", and finally achieved better results.Hongkou District Greening and Municipal Rong Administration, the traffic police detachment of the Hongkou Branch of the Public Security, and the Urban Transport Center of Hongkou District. Some representatives of the People's Congress of the district also made exchanges at the meeting.

Guan Yetong said that the promotion meeting of this work marks the renovation of the old housing in Hongkou District to enter a new stage of more democratic, more standardized, and higher quality.Important vehicles and important topics of high -quality life.

Lin Weibin said that the reconstruction process of the old housing repair process in Hongkou District has set a good typical example for the city, and it is worth promoting on the face. I hope that Hongkou District can further focus on the key points, combine hard and hard, coordinate resources, build safe, healthy, complete facilities, order management orderly and orderly management.Full residential community.

Zhu Qinhao pointed out that the renovation and renovation of old housing is a major livelihood project that improves the living conditions of the masses and related to the vital interests of the masses. It is necessary to solve the actual difficulty as the foothold.Good, fine and real.The Standing Committee of the District People's Congress will, as always, fulfill the legal supervision functions, use the natural advantages of the people's congress representatives to closely contact the masses, and work together with relevant departments.Hongkou practice of modern construction.


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