The "runaway wild horse" must strengthen supervision.

  In the past month,moment information the stocks of the North Exchange can be described as "popular fried chicken". However, the hot market is accompanied by some abnormal behaviors, which has attracted the attention of the regulatory authorities. A few days ago, the North Stock Exchange issued a notice to strengthen trading supervision, saying that from November 20 to 24, the North Stock Exchange took 93 self-regulatory measures such as verbal warning, regulatory attention and issuing warning letters on abnormal trading behaviors involving intraday pull-up, large-scale declaration at daily limit price or continuous declaration. Focus on monitoring "Kaihua Materials", "Zhisheng Information" and "Huayang Variable Speed" with abnormal recent increases, and urge members to strengthen the management of customers' trading behavior and prompt investors about trading risks in time.

  Faced with the chaos in the capital market, the North Stock Exchange took the initiative to strengthen supervision, showing its determination to "take the initiative to fight" speculation, which is not only a shock to speculators, but also a protection for ordinary investors.

  During the second anniversary window of the establishment of the North Exchange, with the opening of the "920" code segment and the gradual inclusion of the securities of the North Exchange into the cross-market index system of the China Securities Exchange, the North Exchange welcomed all kinds of incremental funds to actively enter the market. The data shows that from October 24 to November 27, the cumulative increase of the 50-component index of Beizheng was as high as 55.94%.

  However, the hot market has also attracted some short-term funds chasing huge profits to enter the market. By substantially raising the stock price, some stocks have risen abnormally, even seriously deviating from the fundamentals of corporate value. The stock gains of Huayang Variable Speed, Zhisheng Information and Kaihua Materials, which have been monitored this time, have far exceeded the average, which implies high trading risks for ordinary investors.

  In fact, there have been many similar speculations recently. For example, many stocks with the word "Dragon" in their securities names have inexplicably been trading daily. They belong to different industry sectors and have little correlation with each other. It is obvious that there are hot money and institutional seats behind them. If the regulatory authorities don't supervise this "pass the parcel"-style capital game in time, it will be a chicken feather, which will seriously damage the ecology of the stock market.

  A "runaway wild horse" must have a reins of supervision. One of the main lines of the recent central financial work conference is to strengthen supervision and prevent risks. As an important carrier of direct financing, capital market has many participants and wide influence, so it is necessary to continuously strengthen supervision. Especially in the young North Exchange, the total market value and circulating market value of listed stocks are relatively small, and the cost of manipulating the market is correspondingly low. It is even more necessary to adhere to tolerance, openness and strict supervision.


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