Today's opening: the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.02% at 3021.10 points.

Caixin. com, November 30th: The Shanghai Composite Index opened at 3021.10 points, down 0.02%.


盘面上,石油石化领涨,公用事业、非银金融、通信、时事热点食品饮料、机械设备等板块涨幅居前,汽车领跌,社会服务、Cheap Reps计算机、电力设备、有色金属、煤炭等走弱。


隔夜国际市场动态:道指涨13.44点,涨幅为0.04%,Redi Kicks报35430.42点;纳指跌23.27点,跌幅为0.16%,报14258.49点;标普500指数跌4.31点,跌幅为0.09%,报4550.58点;纽约商品交易所2月交割的黄金期上涨货价格6.9美元,涨幅为0.3%,收于每盎司2067.10美元;纽约商品交易所1月交割的西德州中质原油(WTI)期货价格上涨1.45美元,涨幅为1.9%,收于每桶77.86美元。

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Written by: Cai Xiao Zhi Editor: Cai Xiaoxin

Sensitive public opinion index of listed companies

Updated: November 30, 2023

rankingstockToday indexCompared with yesterday
  • oneSimei communication


    99.71+70.96Simei Media: Received a notice of filing a case from the Securities and Futures Commission for allegedly violating laws and regulations.
  • 2Yilianzhong


    70.41+60.13Yi Lianzhong: The company's actual controller and chairman received the notice of filing due to the alleged violation of information disclosure.
  • threePolyfluoride


    55.58+11.23The annual net profit of Polyfluoride, the leading lithium hexafluorophosphate company, fell by 70% in advance, and the holding subsidiary was planned to be split and listed, and its share price hit a new low.
  • fourLiaoning energy


    53.14+53.14Liaoning Energy: It is planned to terminate the purchase of 100% shares of Liaoning Clean Energy Group Co., Ltd.
  • fiveContemporary Amperex Technology Co., LimitedBst Sneaker

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