The party branch of the Youth League to carry out the theme party day event of party members' political birthday "

In order to strengthen the party spirit of party members of the branch and strengthen the sense of mission and responsibility of serving teachers and students,高速资讯On December 29, the Party Branch of the League of Learning Studies focused on 10 party members who joined the party in the second half of the year to carry out the "political birthday" theme party day event.

party branch secretaryWang Bo announcedThe list of "political birthday" party members and send them a birthday greeting card and "birthday gift" (the first and second series of "Xi Jinping's Code").10 party members reviewed the oaths of joining the party, and combined with their own work, study, and life, shared the first mood of submitting the application of the party in that year, the pursuit and performance since joining the party, and telling how they received the education of the party and became one.The struggle of the qualified Communist Party members expresses the determination of firm conviction and the party.


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