The top note/short-term adjustment material is incomplete, and the index is supported at six o'clock Shen Jin

  Figure: Hang Seng Index.

  Last week,News information Hong Kong stocks fell and rose one day on the 4th, and the Hang Seng Index closed at a double low this year-the closing price and the mid-range low, with poor performance. The new low is 16,830 points. With the current investment environment, it is almost certain that Danyou will concoct a new low.

  As one of the international financial centers, Hong Kong, despite the record highs of US stocks, has experienced a big gap and hit a new low for the whole year. This backward trend is really unusual, which shows that the confidence of Hong Kong stocks is extremely fragile, which requires effective measures and reliable economic data to support it. Therefore, everyone should be psychologically prepared-this "dark night" may be longer than everyone thinks.

  It is noteworthy that many local consortia have taken action. Last Friday, we saw that a number of local real estate stocks and comprehensive enterprise stocks were built against the market, and some of them rose by 1%-2%, indicating that after the confrontation, the buyer won the seller, which was won with real money. Local consortia dare to attack at this time. First, Da Danyou did not hold too many shares of them. Second, the short selling rate is not high, indicating that this batch of shares is not a sniper target; Third, it happened to form a momentum, which caught Danyou off guard. It seems that everyone should also take a seat in the stock selection in the future, and the high-quality stocks of the local Chinese-funded consortium should also occupy a seat. Among them, it is estimated that the chances of a total withdrawal of the "hot move" in the property market are not low, because it is no longer necessary. Admittedly, buying a house to collect rent is also a legitimate means of investment, and tax restrictions are imposed to avoid soaring property prices. Now that property prices have returned to the level many years ago, it is also a measure that should be considered to allow owners to buy another unit to collect rent.

  In addition, the SAR Government has not set up a "sovereign fund", so it can't enter the market to "maintain order" when necessary, which also gives some international predators the courage to bully here. Although mainland funds have always played the role of friends, the effect is still not as good as that of "sovereign funds".


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