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  Xiangtan yongda machinofacture co.,hot news ltd 

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  Company profile: 

  The main business of Yongda Co., Ltd. is the design, production and sales of metal structural parts for large-scale special equipment. The company's products are mainly used in the fields of tunnel excavation, engineering lifting and wind power generation, among which tunnel excavation equipment and its supporting products mainly include shield body, cutter head body, segment machine and tunnel wall supporting segment, etc. Engineering lifting equipment products mainly include frame, boom, auxiliary arm, tower crane structure, etc. Wind power generation equipment products mainly include nacelle base, engine base, rotor bracket, stator bracket, locking plate and so on. 

  As of the signing date of the prospectus, Shen Peiliang holds 51.00% of the shares of the company, and has been the executive director/chairman since the establishment of the company, fully responsible for the company's production and operation, decision-making on major issues, etc. Shen Peiliang is the controlling shareholder and actual controller of the company. Shareholders Peng Level, Shen Xi, Shen Bo and Shen Wang are the concerted actions of Shen Peiliang. Among them, Peng Shuiping is the wife of Shen Peiliang and holds 4.90% of the company's shares; Shen Xi, Shen Bo and Shen Wang are all children of Shen Peiliang and Peng Shuiping, holding 4.70% shares of the company respectively. The actual controller and its concerted parties hold 70.00% of the shares of the company. 

  The prospectus disclosed by Yongda Co., Ltd. on November 22, 2023 shows that the company plans to raise 1,066,422,900 yuan, which is planned to be used for intelligent manufacturing base construction projects, production base automation transformation projects and supplementary working capital. 

  Yongda shares disclosed the initial public offering of shares on November 29, 2023 and listed on the main board. The announcement shows that the company's fundraising project is expected to use raised funds of 1,066,422,900 yuan. According to the issue price of 1205 yuan/share and the number of new shares issued with 60 million shares, if the issue is successful, it is estimated that the total amount of funds raised by the company will be 723 million yuan. After deducting the estimated issue cost of about 86,805,400 yuan (excluding value-added tax), it is estimated that the net amount of funds raised will be about 636,194,600 yuan. If there is any mantissa difference, it will be rounded off. 

  Wuxi Jinghai Amino Acid Co., Ltd. (North Exchange) 

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  Company profile: 

  Wuxi Jinghai is a state-level specialized "little giant" enterprise mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of amino acid products. Its main products include branched-chain amino acids (isoleucine, valine and leucine), tryptophan, phenylalanine, proline and so on, which can be widely used in many fields such as medicine, food, health care products, daily chemicals, etc. During the reporting period, the company's downstream customers were mainly pharmaceuticals, and the downstream customers were mainly preparation manufacturers and culture medium manufacturers. 

  Li Songnian directly holds 38.76 million shares of Wuxi Jinghai, accounting for 82.82%, and serves as the executive partner of Jingsheng Investment and the legal representative of Jingyao Investment, controlling 95.64% of the voting rights of the company in total, and is the controlling shareholder and actual controller of the company. 

  The prospectus disclosed by Wuxi Jinghai on November 28, 2023 shows that the company plans to raise 33,993.06 yuan, which I plan to use for high-end and high value-added key series of amino acid industrialization construction projects and supplementary liquidity projects. 


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