Youxian County, Hunan: Implementing a time -limited house purchase subsidy policy to meet the improvement of housing demand for house purchase groups

Viewpoint News: On December 21,Emergencies the Office of the People's Government of You County, Hunan Province issued the "Notice of Released".

The new media was informed that the "Measures" pointed out that the implementation of house purchase subsidies.If you purchase new commercial houses (including residential and non -residential) in the county area, and the signing contract and pay deed tax shall be subsidized by the county finance at 50%of the deed tax paid.

Implement subsidies for underground parking spaces.If you purchase underground parking spaces for commercial housing development communities in the county area and sign a contract and pay deed tax, the county finance shall subsidize the buyers at 80%of the deeds paid.

Support college graduates to buy a house.For all -time doctoral students, full -time master's degree and senior technicians, full -time undergraduate and vocational colleges who have signed a labor contract for more than 2 years in Youxian employers for more than 2 years.If you signed a contract with a online signing contract and pay the deed tax, it is not subject to the restrictions of the unit, age, and graduation time.It is declared and issued by the employer, and the county's financial guarantee funds.

At the same time, support housing demand.For the purchase of the first new commercial housing in Youxian, the signing contract and paying deed tax will be paid, and the county finance gives 10,000 yuan to buy a house subsidy to meet the rigid housing needs of the housing group.For the purchase of non -first new commercial housing in You County, signing a online signing contract and paying deed tax, the county finance gives 5,000 yuan subsidies to meet the demand for improving housing in the house purchase group.


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